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our products

We have carefully selected the most divine spa products from around the world to bring you the very best options & advanced treatment solutions.
confort zone spa The [ comfort zone ] brand was conceived and launched in 1996 as the skincare division of The Davines Group, which was founded in Parma, Italy, in 1983 by the Bollati family. What began as a research laboratory for the development of high-quality, highly effective products has grown into an internationally successful professional spa brand with a diverse range of product and treatment offerings. The foundation of the brand rests in the scientific background of Dr. Davide Bollati, who has always valued extensive clinical research and utilization of nature's most efficacious ingredients in the development of our proprietary formulations.

[ comfort zone ] embodies the convergence of science and emotion -- it is founded in thorough scientific research and is powered by a love of the whole person. The core attributes of the brand are found within four central "zones"; together they create the high standard of excellence that is adhered to for all products and services developed by [ comfort zone ] and help blend our philosophy together at Aronia Day Spa.


Science informs everything we do, guiding our development and providing solutions. Science does not have to be cold and sterile –– [cz] embraces the human side of science and focus on how it helps us advance and innovate while maintaining the warm spirit that permeates the brand.


Our foundation in science is coupled with an innate passion for art, design, and philosophy, which continually inspire the brand and create a comprehensive, integrative story. [ comfort zone ] focuses on how to bring "love" into everything [cz] does; seen through the care, warmth, devotion, and comfort that [cz] shares with its partners, estheticians, and customers.


The future of beauty is in wellness. In today's world we are more informed, more discerning, more concerned about real benefits. Skincare must go beyond evoking a sense of luxury, indulgence, and pleasure to produce concrete solutions and clear results.


Italians are well known for having impeccable taste, meticulous attention to detail, and an appreciation for sensual, indulgent experiences. These inherent Italian qualities continually guide every aspect of our business, from research and development through to production, packaging, and relationships with our clients and consumers.

sacred nature spa A product by [ comfort zone ] , sacred nature offers advanced anti-oxidant skin cellular DNA protection. After prolonged studies led by a strong commitment to the environment, [ comfort zone ] research laboratories present the first face and body organic and natural spa skin care able to provide advanced care and exceptional pleasure for the senses.
mama mio spa Mama Mio focuses a lot on skin fitness … and what we love about fit skin is that it is totally personal. Doing what it is amazing at, glowing with energy and vitality.

Your skin is an incredible organ, feed it right from inside and out and it will exude health and happiness. Fit skin is not some Hollywood airbrushed perfection that is totally unachievable for you. Everyoneʼs fit skin is unique – just as it should be.

Time has come, girls, for us to celebrate our uniqueness, to stand tall and walk proud, filled with confidence that we are all beautiful. So our Mio message is move your body. It doesnʼt need to be structured exercise, just get up and move! Because movement gives you energy, vitality and makes you feel good. And feeling good is the first step to really looking good. I hope this story shows that Mio offers a different skin care line that is developed in a very different way, a very female way. They are not simply focused on the bottom line. Success and achievement are measured differently.

It is measured first and foremost on what Mio has done to help women feel more confident; not on how many products they have sold. It is a different kind of accounting but Mio believes it may catch on! Mio's belief is that this is a new way to build a business, where they think about women first and profit second. It may not get us the superyacht in San Tropez, but when they receive the kind of testimonials and letters our Mama Mio fans send us, it is worth all the gold in the world. Mio's goal is to give you gorgeously fit skin, skin that oozes energy and radiates confidence, because that is the most engaging, attractive, beautiful thing a woman can have. are constantly amazed and impressed at how naturally supportive women are to each other - funny, warm, honest. - and love that women treat all of us at Mio as women instead of a faceless brand.

Mio believes in constant positivity. Skincare was invented to make women feel good. Mio questions why so much skincare advertising actually has the reverse affect, making women feel bad about themselves. Mio does not agree with the extreme retouching trend and worry that they are losing sight of how great women can look - real women - at every age. Mio has banned the words ANTI-AGING from their business. Two of the most negative little words that do nothing but make you feel bad about yourself. We start to age from the second we are born. And, now, we live in a society where we can expect to live to 100 years old. How are we going to feel about ourselves for 50% of that time? Are we going to hate our reflections in the mirror. We hope not! We need to redefine our beauty language. We need to celebrate the differences between us all; and instead of constantly comparing ourselves to the Olympiads of beauty – or even constantly comparing ourselves with our friends - let us be kind to our own selfs and appreciate the good things about each of us. Mio's goal is to give you gorgeously fit skin, skin that oozes energy and radiates confidence, because that is the most engaging, attractive, beautiful thing a woman can have.
tan lab

The Tan Lab was founded by Shannon Mathie in 2013. With 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, sunless tanning is something Shannon has always been passionate about. The dangers of the sun and the damage it can cause were made even more real to her after a life-changing Melanoma scare and surgery. She experimented with many sunless tanning products in her day sap, and using these products she discovered that being a skin type 1 (fair and unable to tan without burning) did not mean she had to pale all year round. Sunless Tanning products have developed over the past few years. With advancements in technology, they no longer leave the skin looki ng streaky and orange, with an awful smell to boot. With the knowledge of beauty products and experience in the industry, Shannon set out to develop her own range of sunless tanning products, which now form part of The Tan Lab.

DHA Plus

One of the vital active ingredients in The Tan Lab's lotions is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). This ingredient has been modified to ensure that you receive the best home tanning experience. You will not be left with that self-tan smell but instead a fresh and exotic fragrance.

Eco Certified Ingredients

The Tan Lab has the highest quality Eco Certified ingredients which means that these products are certified as eco-friendly. These products will not inflict nay harm on the environment which is a great fit with protecting Nature.

Animal Testing

Beauty without Cruelty is an amazing organisation with a primary objective to educate and inform the public about the exploitation, abuse and suffering of animals and to offer humane, non-animal alternatives to replace cruel and harmful lifestyle choices.

Caring consumers are not willing to take manufacturers' animal friendly claims at face value anymore but Beauty Without Cruelty's trusted endorsement does lend validity to such claims.

The Tan Lab adheres to the Beauty with Cruelty regulations and consumers can be assured that all products are endorsed by this organization. Wear your tan proudly and with peace of mind knowing that your tan has not, and will never, be tested on animals.

Vegan Friendly

Vegans are people who adopt a lifestyle that avoids animal exploitation. This goes beyond merely what they eat, they will not wear clothes that involved harming an animal or even use products that have animal bi-products in them. Tan Lab is proud to say that they are Vegan Friendly.

Vegans lice a very strict lifestyle and therefore it's important that they know whether a product is Vegan friendly or not. If you are a Vegan, you will understand that it can be difficult to find Vegan friendly products quickly and easily. Vegan SA is a wonderful website that helps to make a Vegan's life as convenient =as possible by providing lists of Vegan friendly recipes, shops, products, places and much more.

PH Balanced Products

The Tan Lab has set out to offer the very best in sunless tanning products through extensive research, development and testing criteria to ensure that ll products are safe and efficacious. The Tan Lab's products are PH balanced to ensure that they work in harmony with your skin.


The factory where The Tan Lab's products are manufactured operates under International Manufacturing Standards ISO 9001:2008 as well as Good Manufactory Practice (GMP). All products produced are manufactured in a controlled environment with state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified staff.
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